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Doctor of Physical Therapy
Pelvic Floor and Orthopedic Focus

Over the past several years, it became clear to Sarah how many people suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction and don’t know that something can be done to help improve their quality of life. During her doctoral program, Sarah studied under multiple pelvic floor physical therapists in order to learn more about treating pelvic pain, incontinence, pain with intercourse, prenatal preparation and postpartum recovery. Sarah also has a lifelong passion of pursuing functional fitness which she displays through her history as a competitive swimmer and an avid Tough Mudder participant. Her dream is to use her passion for functional fitness and pelvic floor physical therapy to help individuals restore strength, flexibility, and confidence in all areas of life.

Physical Therapy: About Us

Loren Wooldridge, PT, DPT, OCS, PN1, CFL1

Loren has been practicing Physical Therapy since 2013 and has focused in Orthopedic from the start. After receiving his Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy he went on to complete a year long Orthopedic Residency through the University of Utah. With this completed Loren became a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist. He then returned home to Carson City in 2015 where he continues to pursue his passion for orthopedics and population health. 

Through his life Loren has always challenged himself in his biases in order to better serve his patients. This has led him to getting a nutritional coaching certificate as well as his Level 1 CrossFit trainer. Loren is always looking to improve his clinic abilities within each treatment.

Loren is the founder of The Health Lab, he enjoys coaching/training on the gym side, married to his wife Annie and enjoys playing with his three young kids. 

Physical Therapy: About Us


Accepting Cash, Card, HSA

1 Hour Visit

Get high quality Real Rehab without the burden of going through the sick care system. No MD referrals required, less waiting for appointments, and fast results. See the difference today.

6 PT Bundle Pack

After a complete assessment we will establish a plan for Real Rehab. To get the full functional outcomes we all deserve multiple visits may be need. Receive 15% off when you buy 5 PT visits in advance.

Walk-In Quick Care

If you have be treated for something within the last month and just need a booster of PT hands on care, sign up for a 30 minute visit to keep progressing towards your functional goals

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