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Preventive Care:

Health screenings (blood pressure, kidney/liver function, cholesterol,
diabetes, cancer and more depending on individual health concerns)
Annual check-ups and physical exams

Acute Illnesses:

Respiratory infections (viral and bacterial illnesses)
Urinary tract infections (this may require outside lab testing)
Gastrointestinal issues (new onset nausea, vomiting, diarrhea)
Skin infections and rashes
Ear pain or drainage
Minor eye irritations and pink eye

Chronic Disease Care:

Diabetes care*
Hypertension (high blood pressure)*
Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) care*
High cholesterol care*
Obesity care*

Mental Health:

Mild depression and anxiety care*
Stress-related care*

Women's Health:

Annual Pap and gynecological exams
STI testing
Immunization care and coordination (no vaccines on site)
Contraceptive care*
Menopause care*

Men's Health:

Prostate care*
Erectile dysfunction care*
Testosterone level care*
STI testing
Immunization care and coordination (no vaccines on site)

Pediatric Care:

Well-child visits
Immunization care and coordination (no vaccines on site)
Growth and development monitoring
Breastfeeding support and assistance


Minor cuts and wounds (offering non-invasive suturing)
Sprains and strains
Joint care*

Chronic Pain:

No pain management medications prescribed but will work with a
motivated individual to see if pain can be improved through movement,
weight reduction and wellness from the inside.
Referrals to Specialists when needed

Health Education:

Lifestyle modifications to encompass sustainability and moderation for
the long term
Lifestyle and exercise counseling and stepwise support along the way
Smoking cessation support for the motivated individual
Understanding your medications and how they impact your health concerns
Laboratory values explained
Diabetes and the very real consequences explained
Communicable diseases and ways to reduce your risks
The importance of regular wellness exams and Provider buy in
The importance of regular eye and dental exams
Supplement options

*Specialist coordination if indicated

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Accepting Cash, Card, HSA, FSA

Wellness Visit

Are you wanting to get some baseline measurements of your health and wellness but don't want to onboard with a new Provider? Looking to get the appropriate blood work in order to make sure your health is in good standing? Not looking for medications or treatments for any specific medical condition? Then the Wellness Exam is perfect for you. 

This service will include a 1 hour in person visit in order to best assess and order the labs for your specific needs. It will also include a 30 min follow-up appointment that can be scheduled by phone, email, or in person. 

This does not include the cost of any lab work that you will need to do on your own at your preferred lab facility. 

General Visit

This visit is for non-members who are looking to use our primary care provider services for any of the following: 

-Sick Care

-Urgent Care

-Wound Care (Cuts)

-Physical Screenings 

Medications may be prescribed at Providers discretion only if indicated.

For Physical Screenings: fill out any paperwork required, order any minimum necessary labs. We will NOT include an ECG (but can provide order to be completed elsewhere), medications, or medication re-fills within this visit. 

Primary Care: Rates
Primary Care: Rates


Accepting Cash, Card, HSA, FSA


Individual Membership

Looking for individualized care for yourself that is responsive to your needs? Precision Healthcare is just for you. Schedule your initial visit and begin your membership on the date of evaluation.


Spouse Membership

Looking for a packages the allows both you and your spouse full access to Precision Healthcare? The spouse membership is the perfect option for your needs. You also get a discounted rate as compared to individual plans. Sign each person up for an initial visit and we will take care of the rest.


Family Membership

Looking to get the best care for your whole family? Sign up for the family membership package which is the best rate per person we offer. This includes two adults and two kids. Any child above this is an additional cost. Sign each person up for an initial visit and we will take care of the rest.

If you have a family bigger than 4 members, its 75 dollars per addition child.

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