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Knowing what to do must start with assessing if there is anything wrong. Assumption seems to be part of our culture these days, but at Precision Healthcare, we take out the assumption. Through a comprehensive medical workup and collaboration with you, we build a complete picture of your health status.



Everything these days is rushed and procedural, which we believe is a major error in the medical system. Having the time to build a relationship as well as a complete assessment of your health, we can work towards restoring the actual problems within your body.


Looking beyond medicine is key to maintenance of health. At Precision Healthcare we highlight value lifestyle, habits, and the prescription pad in order to best create and sustain health throughout the lifespan.

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Tanya Liscio, APRN, FNP-BC

Tanya Liscio, originally from Bishop, CA, is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who graduated with her Post Master Certificate from University of Nevada Reno. She has spent over 20 years in healthcare as a Nurse exploring numerous areas of medicine such as Public Health, Women and Children Health, Neonatal Intensive Care/Flight Nurse, Oncology, Emergency, Occupational Health and Endocrinology. Tanya has brought her curious nature and desire to improve the lives of all she touches to The Health Lab in the form of Precision Healthcare, to hone in on individual needs and support the path to personal wellness. She believes that personal growth begins with the desire to improve through small steps and perseverance and lives this every day with 10 years of Crossfit and attention to nutrition, sleep and work/life balance.

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Accepting Cash, Card, HSA, FSA


Individual Membership

Looking for individualized care for yourself that is responsive to your needs? Precision Healthcare is just for you. Schedule your initial visit and begin your membership on the date of evaluation.


Spouse Membership

Looking for a packages the allows both you and your spouse full access to Precision Healthcare? The spouse membership is the perfect option for your needs. You also get a discounted rate as compared to individual plans. Sign each person up for an initial visit and we will take care of the rest.


Family Membership

Looking to get the best care for your whole family? Sign up for the family membership package which is the best rate per person we offer. This includes two adults and two kids. Any child above this is an additional cost. Sign each person up for an initial visit and we will take care of the rest.

If you have a family bigger than 4 members, its 75 dollars per addition child.

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