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Physical Therapy

Everyone has had Physical Therapy until they experience the power of Real Rehab at The Health Lab. Here we take the time to listen to your needs and desires. We work to fully understand the movements, positions, and activities that limit your life. By doing the basics incredibly well, it allows for a more effective intervention getting you back to your life faster. Here at The Health Lab, real rehab isn’t fancy, it’s actually doing the basics to the highest degree possible. See the difference for yourself.

Group Classes

Breaking the mental barrier and starting moving can be thought of as one of the hardest things to do, but we believe finding sustainability within that choice of movement is the hardest. This is where community is the strongest part of The Lab. Group Training increases the fun, the tempo and even the ability to show up tomorrow. We believe our community is what sets us apart. All of this is set within the foundation of a proficient, effective, and safe coaching built to keep you moving.

Personal Training

When you’re ready for change but hesitant to start with a group, personal training is an effective way to begin the journey to health. Our amazing personal training staff have the knowledge and care to help you on your journey to a more functional, happier, healthier you.