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Landon Truesdale, NASM, CFL1

Its about optimizing my performance in life, and maximizing my enjoyment of it. Six of my older family members have suffered from chronic diseases. Though these diseases are usually not instant killers, I saw how drastically they can reduce a persons quality of life. Heart attacks, dementia, cancer, strokes. I thought these were inevitable parts of getting old, that it was all up to chance. I thought that old age was more in control of my health than I was. This was a frightening thought for me as a child.

As I learned more, I realized that these things are not up to chance. I learned that chronic disease is not inevitable. Instead, these diseases are the result of many years of sub-par health. They are chronic issues that develop as a result of neglecting the needs of the body for many years. Now, I feel that my purpose is to help as many of my fellow humans as possible take control of their daily habits. The lifestyle habits that will ultimately dictate their health in the future. Helping them optimize their fitness, nutrition, recovery, and community today, so that they can live better for the many years to come. I want to share my knowledge with you so that you can optimize your performance in life, and maximize your enjoyment of it. Sure, its about living long, but its more about living well.