Gym Schedule

Group Fitness

5:00 AM (M-F)
9:00 AM (M, T, Th, F)  
5:30 PM (M-F)
9:00 AM Saturday

Join your friends for group classes that are led by a highly professional coaching staff to keep you safe, efficient and progressing towards a higher level of fitness.

Aged Strength

12:00 PM (Tuesday, Friday)

In this class we challenge the two biggest lies that are told for an aging adult. The barbell is dangerous and strength training shouldn't be heavy. Push your limits within the 10 foundational movements of this class while still finding a little time for some intensity!

Stable Strength

8:00 AM Saturday

Reach beyond the boundaries of your own personal physical limitations. This class is focused on the typical limitations in both mobility and strength for the typical modern human. As you work on these typical limitations see how your group fitness classes start to excel.