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Annual Membership Billed 295/month

 10% saving when you pay the year in full upfront 

Merging Primary Care and Physical Therapy into one package. You get the exceptional concierge medicine that is offered through Precision Healthcare as well as a monthly visit of Physical Therapy for any member in your family who is part of the membership. 

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Annual Membership Billed 165/month

 10% saving when you pay the year in full upfront 

Experience true healthcare where precision meets compassion. Members receive primary care services that are not limited by time or burdensome barriers. This allows for you to be better heard and therefore receive care that actually matters to you. See the difference for yourself and sign-up at


Annual Membership Billed 135/month

 10% saving when you pay the year in full upfront 

Staying active and healthy comes with bumps in the road. Having maintenance physical therapy before those bumps arise, gives you the upper hand on your goals. This membership allows for a monthly visit of PT at the very best price offered at The Health Lab. This visit is not shareable to another person. There is a 6 month minimum commitment for this membership. Individual visits do not roll over to another month.

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