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The Road Ahead

Updated: May 16, 2022

For nearly two years The Health Lab has been interacting with its followers through social media on a number of fronts. There has been an eclectic source of information in which daily workouts, recovery tips, physical therapy outcomes, and even cute pictures of our children were posted with the hopes of interacting with our followers. These posts have attempted to challenge, educate, and even motivate people in their pursuit of health. What has been clear in these last two years is that people, more than ever, are attempting to seek sustainable, long term health. What hasn’t been clear is how The Health Lab is going to best position itself in order to be a cornerstone for this pursuit. Social media interaction and weekly pop-up clinics partnering with a variety of gyms across northern Nevada has been great, but it feels as though it’s really not even skimming the surface of what The Lab could be doing. 

Moving forward, we at The Health Lab want to better position ourselves as a source of health for our community. In order to do that, we have to be willing to take the risk of failure in order for our members to have the best opportunity to seek health. No longer can we sit behind the firewall of social media or even disappear after the end of a pop-up clinic day. We are excited for the vision going forward and want to take this opportunity to show you what we believe the road ahead looks like. We hope this excites you as much as it does us.

What we believe is of highest importance is the combination of all components of health under one roof. This means The Health Lab needs to offer fitness classes that are highly varied with high intensity and safe. If an injury does occur, we need to have the opportunity to give effective treatment within a timely manner of the injury. This will ensure faster recovery in order to return to fitness training more quickly. We need to establish a humble yet motivating community that supports each other in all aspects of life. We need quality education that is easy to follow in regards to nutrition and eating habits. Finally but most importantly, we need an annual assessment of health for each member in order to ensure what we are doing is actually working. This will look like blood work, fitness testing, body composition, and even mental health questionnaires. Just like any other lab, we will adjust the equation (fitness, nutrition, sleep, community, mental) in order to optimize the annual assessment metrics which will be a highlight of each member's health status. Gone are the days of assuming that people are getting healthy and actually start assessing how people are getting healthier. Gone are the days of going to multiple locations for your health pursuit. Gone are the days of feeling isolated in your health journey.

Excited yet? So are we. Follow along with us as we continue to pursue this vision.

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