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The Health Game

Updated: May 16, 2022

The Problem

Everyone, every moment of their day has choices to make. Our society is pulled by the bright lights of instant gratification and short term satisfaction. Typically, these quick rewards that are chosen by the majority of people don’t maintain health in the long term. In part, what makes the journey of health so difficult, is the fact that most are born with it. It is our baseline of life and therefore we undervalue it, until it is altered. Here at The Health Lab, we have manipulated the health game by creating moments of short term satisfaction which will increase the likelihood of long term sustainable health. 

Being Objective

Part of the ultimate health membership is an annual health assessment. This assessment includes a basic blood panel, body composition screen, fitness assessment, and movement screen. This allows every member to see the actual changes taking place. With this assessment we can see what areas need to be targeted and therefore highlighted when improvement happens. We are combining all components of an actual health assessment in order to get a full real report of individual health. This of course can still be considered a long term assessment in which the attraction faded quickly when your 5AM class roles around. In the short term, tracking your fitness progress with the Sugarwod app will give instant feedback in PR’s, progress and even help to instill a community of support. When you repeat a workout and see you have added weight or even decreased the time to completion, this is a great way to stay motivated and connected to your health. Can you see it now? The Health Lab is more than a gym or even a Physical Therapy clinic. It is a standard upon which we have manipulated the game to produce health.

Your Responsibility

Now that you can see how we have created a system in order to increase the likelihood of sustainable health, what are you (as a member) responsible for? We would be insane to believe that we could create an environment in which everyone’s decisions were easy, effortless and directed towards health every single time. At the end of the day, each and every member is required to decide that their health is priority:

•Making it to class and giving your best effort no matter what is going on in your day. 

•Reflecting on your dietary habits and making the small changes for long term success. 

•Financial budgeting for your health as a priority. 

All of these things are ways upon which you take part in the responsibility for your health. Even the best manipulated environment can’t make you try hard, change your habits.  If you are willing to try within the environment that we have created, we are pretty confident health will be the outcome.

The Solution

Understand that you are important enough to the people within your life to make the decision to prioritize your health. Allow this priority of health to consume you in every way in that you stack the cards for yourself and not against yourself. Consider partnering with The Health Lab in order to place yourself in an environment that allows you to tip the scales of success. We are pretty excited for what we have in store in the months to come. Stay tuned for the details of our future location, memberships, and community that we are launching. 

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